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Frequently asked questions:



Q: Why are your prices lower than everyone else ? Are they reburbished products you sell ?

A: No, definitely not. We do not deal in second hand or refurbished products. All our products are Genuine Brands, Brand New with Warranty. Our prices are lower because we keep our overheads and costs down, and our profit margins low to give our customers the best possible deals we can. One example of that is, we have not spent a lot of capital on an expensive elaborate website. We also do not have high rents, or large staff costs.


Q: Why don't you accept credit card payments ?

A: Credit card suppliers and paypal charge us a fee for their service, which we would need to pass on to our customers, so to keep our prices way down, we prefer to accept payment via Bank Deposit or Transfer, that attracts no fee. Although you can use Paypal if you are prepared to pay the Paypal transaction fee.


Q: What is the delivery time on your products ?

A: Please read the Prices-Payment-Delivery page of this website.


Q: Do you supply a Warranty ?

A: All products we supply are Genuine Brands, Brand new with Warranty. Street to Track will receive the claim initially and is then required to submit it, together with the product,, to the manufacturer, or manufacturers agent or the importer, for inspection and approval, because Street to Track does not have qualified technical staff authorised by the manufacturers to approve claims. Products like KW and ST Suspensions, for example, need to go back to the USA for inspection. Please read the Warranty page on this website together with the Prices-Payment-Delivery page before ordering. Always make sure you ask what warranty policy covers your product before ordering.


Q: Why don't you include a pick up option ?

A: To keep our prices way down we do not keep stock, which eliminates double handling and shipping costs. We arrange for the product to be shipped direct to the customer from the Suppliers.


Q: Do you deal in second hand products ?

A: No.


Q: Do you supply a fitting service, or work shop, or store front ?

A: No, we are purely an online discount source.


Q: Do you give Technical advice?

A: No, we have limited technical knowledge, we are an online discount auto modifications parts source, and deal with part #'s, and require the full accurate, correct application product description and part # that customers give us for the products they want. We then have the products shipped direct to the customer from the Suppliers, at the lowest prices possible. We rely on the Manufacturers to provide backup technical advice if any of our customers require it, and will get that information for you.


Q: Do you install products?

A: No. Supply only.


Q: How long has this business been operating?

A:  Nearly 14 years.


Q: Why do you not have a more sophisticated and professional looking website?

A: Website design is very expensive, and the more money spent on a website, means much higher prices on the products we supply.



IMPORTANT: please read the FAQ and Price-Payment-Delivery pages of this website before enquiring and ordering.