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ALWAYS EMAIL TO CHECK PRICES BECAUSE CHANCES ARE THE PRICES ON THIS SITE HAVE CHANGED, changes occur when manufacturers restructure prices, and also the exchange rate fluctuates on products sourced from overseas............................


We now source most products from within Australia, from  Manufacturers or Australian Importers, and only a few from overseas direct, however there can be frequent price changes due mainly to the fluctuating AUD value against the USD, GBP and the YEN, and shipping costs.

Once payments in full have been received on an order the price does not change.

...............ALL PRICES are shown in AUD $'s, some include delivery some do not, and do not attract any further import duty or tax.

To keep our prices down and to save on double shipping and handling, we have the products shipped direct to the customer from the Suppliers. GST and all appropriate Import Duties, if applicable, are included in the pricing shown. Street to track does not handle the products at all.




Payment is by Direct Bank Deposit, or Internet Banking into the STT account with the NAB Bank.

All customers are advised to make sure the correct part # iis ordered for their application.

Paypal can be used, but there are the Paypal fees to pay.



 Some products may not be in stock in Australia and will need to be shipped from the Manufacturers Factory and therefore can be subject to delivery delays. Delivery in that case could be around 4-5 weeks minimum.  However an estimated delivery time will be quoted at the point of order, so you have the opportunity of waiting or not.


Products that are in stock in Australia are usually delivered within 2 - 3 days.


However, at times there can be unavoidable delays, with products ordered from overseas, caused by events totally out of human control, such as the Volcano eruption in Europe, in 2010, which disrupted all global air schedules, and the Earthquake in japan, in 2011, that delayed many orders. On another occasion the Shipping Union went on strike delaying orders. There can be other causes of delays with delivery, too numerous to list here, that are out of the control of STT.



We do not keep stock, so, sometimes delays can occur with deliveries as mentioned above, so if you are in a hurry, OR, cannot cope with unavoidable delays, please order elsewhere. 

But, our prices are difficult to beat, and our customers tell us, worth waiting for.We are not strictly product suppliers, but actually discount price providers, we arrange, on your behalf for the products to be shipped direct to you from the Manufacturer or the Manufacturers Authorised Distributor.


IMPORTANT: please read the FAQ and Price-Payment-Delivery pages of this website before enquiring and ordering.