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Hi Paul, sorry for the late email, just wanted to let you know I received my coilovers.  Super happy mate, thank you again for hooking me up!

(Kyle - MCA coilover kit)



Paul, received the lot yesterday. As per usual, thanks very much for the fantastic service. Still loving the Intima brake pads.

( Leon - Intima SR brake pads )



"Hi Paul.  I received the package thank you.  Your help is much appreciated."

( Tyler - MCA coilover kit )



"Fitted perfectly.  Looks and sounds great.  Many thanks."

( Mike - Invidia Gemini cat back exhaust system )



"Hi Paul.

The Initial impressions of the Intima D series racing pads is excellent. Even at low temperatures they have a good initial bite and pull the car up much better than the QFM pads that were in there before.  When I got some heat into them they worked even better. There's a little bit of squeak, but nothing much.  Will be interesting to see how they perform when I put a lot of heat through them on the track.  Will keep you posted.

( Philip - Intima D Series racing brake pads )



"Hi Paul. Thanks for the rotors and pads, everything arrived fine, timely and installed perfectly. Very happy with them, Cheers."

 ( Jon - Project MU brake pads, and DBA rotors )


"Received the parts today......Thanks very much!"

( Luke - Whiteline suspension parts )


 "Hi Paul, got the last delivery this morning which were the brake lines, the rotors and pads arrived yesterday. Thanks again for your help. "

( Joni - DBA rotors, Intima brake pads, HEL brake line kit )


 "Hi Paul.  Brake lines arrived today!! Thanks very much!  They look great and surprised me how fast they were delivered.  Has been a pleasure dealing with you."

( Tony - HEL brake line kit )


 "Just to confirm, the pads arrived. Very happy with the service and quick delivery, thanks again."

 ( Leon - Project MU brake pads )


"Coilovers are in my lounge room ready to be put on my car. Were delivered the other day. Thank you so much for a hassle free job and I look forward to using you again."

( Cliff - ST Suspension coilover kit )


"Ok. thank you for the follow up and the level of customer service. Sincerely appreciate the effort along the way in all aspects. Definitely a recommended business from this customer."

( Steve - Garrett Turbo Kit )



"Cheers Paul, arrived today, they came loose from the box, but no damage to anything.  I'll definitely recommend you in the future."

( Chris - Intima SS brake pads )



"Received the sway bars today! I bet your happier than me...ha ha ha ha...thanks for all you did anyway, I know that would have been frustrating. Thanks, talk soon."

( Leon - Whiteline Sway Bars )


"Thanks for checking that out for me Paul! One happy customer indeed - will put in a good word on the forums when I get round to posting about it.  Cheers."

( Pat - Xforce exhuast system )


"Got the coilovers, thanks for your help Paul."

( Christian - Yellowspeed Coilover kit )



 "Pads are fitted & all good. Thank you."

( Shaun - Project MU brake pads )



"Hey Paul mate just received the items today. Cheers for the quick service, will be dealing again in the near future ".

( Nghia - RDA rotors and EBC brake pads )



"Hi Paul, received the brake lines Monday! Just a quick note to say thanks for the service ".

( John - HEL braided brake/clutch lines )



"Awesome prices and fast delivery, thanks heaps for the knowledge and service Paul."

( Billy - Project MU brake pads ).



"Hi Paul,   purchased a set of Intima SR brake pads from you and very happy with them, thanks."

( John )



 "Bought ebc from Paul, product received quick and does what it is supposed to, so thumbs up, boost control is good bang for buck".

( Keith - GFB Boost Controller. )



"Received it today, thanks for everything."

( Nick - Tomei exhaust ) 



"I posted up on my car club that I received my order literally the next day after I paid.  Great traders guys, you can be confident Street to Track can deliver."

( Oliver - Whiteline sway bars )



"Hi Paul,  the turbo arrived much earlier than expected. Thank you for your help."

( Shaun - Garrett turbo )


"Hi Paul, just letting you know that the front bar got delivered today.  Thanks for your assistance.  I will be in touch soon to order more stuff.

( Azura - Weber Sports Z34 front bar )



"FYI my sway bars arrived this morning. Thanks for your assistance with this, you have been great to deal with.  I hope to do more business with you in the future."

( Adrian - Whiteline sway bars )



"Thanks very much, I will be buying from you in the future. "

( Ethan - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"Paul, thank you so much for getting these seats to me.  I'm very grateful of your help and following it up for me. I look forward to ordering some more parts with you."

(Titus - Recaro seats )


"Hey mate, forgot to message to say thanks. Coilovers are in and are magnificent, thanks.

( Samuel - HSD Dualtech coilovers )


"Just wanted to thank you again.  Replacement rear pads arrived Monday.  Fitted them Tuesday, with no issues.  Awesome response. Great Service, Cheers."

( Keith - Intima brake pads )


"Got my GFB in a couple of days.  Tip of the cap to you Paul, very happy with the product and service Paul".

( Mark - GFB - Boost controller )


"Thanks Paul, have received my brake pads today.  Appreciate it mate, very quick. I wasn't expecting it today given it was a last minute order, and would've been happy with it next week. I know who to get my items from in the future."

( Bud - Intima brake pads )


"Hi Paul, received the tail lights today.  Thanks for the swift responses and delivery.  Greatly appreciated Paul, will be recommending you to all that I know."

( Luke - GTR Sunlight Tail Lights )


"Awesome service, will be using you again"

( Lachlan - HSD coilovers )


  "Thank you very much for all your work Paul, even though I received incorrect parts with my first order with you, your quick response and attitude are really professional.  Definitely will refer STT to my friends and come back again."

( Jason - Intima brake pads and HEL brake lines )


 " Thanks heaps for your communication over the past few weeks, as a customer this is what I value the most and the delay was no issue when not left wondering where the product is."

( Kyle - Turbo kit ) - had to wait for manifold from manufacturer.


"Thanks Paul, fantastic service. There's no doubt that I'll be contacting you again in the future for more parts."

( Dom - GFB Boost Controller )


 " Hey Paul, I got my box this morning.  Thanks for the help, great service!"

( Eddie - ARK exhaust )


 "Mate, the Monopro's are absolutely awesome. I recommend them to everyone, my brother has an S15 and needs coilovers, I will forward him the price and he will be buying shortly"

( Kade - Monopro Coilovers )


"Hi Paul. again, thanks for the fantastic customer service. Cheers "

( Dennis - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"Kits arrived today!  Amazingly quick! Thank you, very happy with your service - I will install them on the weekend.  I'll be in touch to order more goodies."

( Michael - HEL 4 line brake line kit & clutch line kit combo )


"Thanks mate, great work as always"

( Matt - Intima Brake pads )


"The package came in today! Thanks for your help Paul."

 ( PD - Garrett GTX2863R )


"Received the pads today, all good, thanks again for all your help."

( Steven - Intima brake pads ).


"Thanks for letting me know that the payment has gone through successfully. That would be fantastic if it arrives next week.  I really appreciate you going out of your way for me regarding the quote from DBA. I will definitely recommend you to the guys on SAU and anyone else looking for parts that you supply. Thanks again for your excellent service Paul. "

( Dave - DBA rotors and HEL brake/clutch line kits )


" Hi Paul, Turbo rocked up today! Can't thank you enough for your brilliant service and of course the fantastic price!  It's been a pleasure doing business with you, I'll be sure to contact you for any other related products and will most definitely recommend you highly.  Thanks again!"

( Ryan - Garrett Turbo kit )



"Hi Paul.  I have received the turbo now. Thanks for all your help and fast shipping. Will install the turbo in the next few weeks."

( Ravit - Garrett Turbo kit )


"Awesome, the rotors arrived already in the afternoon, so I guess the pads will come soon as well."

( David - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"Thanks for your assistance.  Appreciate it. New Turbo has arrived, and is the right one. Very happy with your service mate. Thumbs up. "

( Rohan - Precision Turbo )


 "Thanks for all your help and recommendations"

( Kade - HSD coilovers )


"I received the package today, sooner than expected, very surprised.  Just what I ordered. Thanks for your help and support, very happy customer."

( Paul - KW coilovers )


" Hi Paul.  I just wanted to say it was great dealing with you. After 5 months, ( completely out of your hands by the way!) , my wheels arrived.  All seems correct with a thorough look.  I"ll recommend you wherever I get the chance !"

(Nick - Rays wheels )



" Hi Paul, I received the Brake and Clutch lines yesterday, thank you for the prompt service. Massive thanks for the great prices. Highly recommend Street to Track"

(Brendan - HEL Brake and Clutch lines)


" Hi Paul, both sets turned up this morning. Thanks for setting this group buy up."

( Bob - MCA coilovers )


 "Hi Paul.  Have received my brakes last week. Sorry for the delay with this email.  Thanks again always a pleasure to deal with you thanks for your hard work and research."

( Ben - Brembo brakes )


" Hi Paul.  Thank you for the update and great service, I appreciate it. "

(Tom - Precision Turbo )


 "Received yesterday.  They look great and I can't wait to install them. Thanks for everything Paul.  Cheers"

( Jay - HEL brake line kit )


" Just wanted to say Thanks to Paul for his fast service. Ordered some rotors and pads off him on Monday and had them delivered to my door the next day. Thats quick "

( Shav - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"Thank you so much. They just arrived.  Great service "

( Ben - H & R lowering springs )


"Great thanks for that Paul. I'll sure to get in touch about other parts in the future, it was a pleasure doing business with you.Regards,"

(Arno - Garrett Turbo )


"Top notch service there mate, appreciate it"

( Willie - Work Emotion XT7 )


"Hi Paul. Just letting you know the wheels arrived today and all is good. Arrived much earlier than I expected. They look incredible! I'll send you some photos once I get them on the car. Thanks again for the great service!

( Yari - Enkei RSM9 )


"Thanks Paul. Your service has been second to none."

( Mark - HSD coilovers )


"I received the bars today. Very pleased with the product!  Thank you. "

( Andrew - Ultra racing strut bars )


"Hi Paul.  Finally set up the coilovers properly and man I love these coilovers.  Worth every cent."

( Darren - HSD coilovers )


"Hi Paul. The coilovers arrived today! A lot earlier than expected. I would just like to thank you for your business, and I will be highly recommending you to my friends. Top effort and keep up the good work!"

( Oscar - Stance coilovers )


"Hi Paul. I have received all the brake parts thank you for the timely delivery. I will be sure to use your service again in the future. And I will be referring you to all my family and friends."

( Nick - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"Hi Paul. I received the turbos last week. Just wanted to say thanks, and will hopefully buy from you again in the future."

( Jacky - Garrett twin turbos )


"Sorry Paul.  Meant to email you.  Everything arrived on Monday. Thanks. Very quick delivery"

( Nick - DBA rotors and Intima brake pads )


"They arrived about 20 minutes ago. Thank you so much once again for all of your help! I will definitely go through STT again for my future plans!"

( Kody - BCR coilovers )


"Hi Paul.  Received the coilovers today, look like great quality products, thanks again!"

( Jason - HSD HR ( Monopro ) coilovers.


"Just letting you know the cat-back arrived yesterday and successfully installed today. Thanks for organising. It is much appreciated. I will hopefully get in contact with you in a few months re coilovers."

( Omar - Motordyne Exhaust )


 "You have been more than helpful in sorting out the issues, understandably I get a little worried when a product that should be coming from somewhere in Australia takes a week to arrive. Either way, they arrived yesterday and were installed last night. The product is good and I'm happy with the outcome."

(Tobey - BCR coilovers)


"Hi Paul.  Thanks heaps wheels have arrived today. Awesome thanks for everything pleasure doing business. Would definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again "

(Ben - Enkei SR6)


''Morning Paul. I received the wheels today,haven't had a chance to open them up yet. Thanks for your efforts. Its been a perfectly smooth transaction. I am more than happy to write a testimonial for you if you like.''

( Jerremy - Enkie Kojin wheels )


"Hi Paul. Just a quick email to let you know that I received the rotors on Monday, all fitted up and stopping on a dime. I'll be recommending you to others, excellent customer service."

( Dave - DBA rotors )


"Just wanted to give some feed back. My coilovers are in my stag, and im again happy with the BC product, 2nd new set I have used. Great communication, great turnaround time with postage and getting my custom spring rates and the best price I could find. Most of the time Im just happy to not have problems and issues.  Had none, very happy."

(Glyn - BCR-BR coilovers)


"Great, thank you Paul.  Good customer service is hard to find these days, appreciate it".

(John - Garrett GTX2863 x 2)


"Wow this is so quick. Apparently the wheels have arrived. I will inspect once I get home. Thanks Paul."

(Richard - Rotiform wheels)


"Hey Paul. got it this arvo mate, haven't opened it yet though, hopefully it's all sweet. I will let you know if anything comes up. I can also write something nice on the Club wall and anywhere else you advertise if you like. Pleasure doing business with you."

(Jayden - Invidia exhaust)


''They arrived yesterday, and have since been fitted - I am very happy so far. Thanks for the good service ".

(Martin - BC Racing - ER coilvers ).


 "I received the rotors last week, and the coilovers today, so that's everything. Thanks again for your excellent service"

(Bradley - DBA Rotors, BCR coilovers, Intima brake pads)


"Thanks for your help.  Just FYI the price you quoted me for the DBA's was $80.00 lower than other quotes"

(Sami - DBA rotors)


"Thanks man, received the pads today, great service"

(Richard - Intima brake pads.)


"I received the disks today, thanks for another quick and painless transaction"

(Brad - DBA rotors.)


" Stuff arrived from SPL, thanks for the excellent service " - ( Keith - SPL suspension parts )


"The coilovers arrived today, thanks for everything, I appreciate it " - ( Wesley - Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers)


" I was very happy with how quickly they arrived and very happy with my first Street to Track purchasing experience " - (John -BC Racing coilovers )


" Thanks Paul, it has been a pleasure doing business with you I will definitely be in touch when I am ready for a brake upgrade " - ( Bruce - OZ Racing wheels )


" Received my turbo today, absolute legend, thanks so much, will definitely order off you again " - ( Scott - Garrett Turbo ).


" Hey mate, got my turbo today, cheers, happy with my purchase " - ( Mark - Borg Warner Turbo )


" Got my clutch yesterday, thanks for the fast service, always a pleasure to deal with - ( Charlie - Competition Clutch ) .


 " Thanks for the great prices and great service, I will recommend you to my mates " - ( Cameron - Turbo purchase )


" Thanks once again for your awesome prices and customer service - ( Daniel - Megan Racing suspension parts ).


" Great deals as usual Paul " - ( Adam - Z32 parts purchase )


" I am fast becoming a fan of yours Paul, thanks for the continued good service " ( Nick - various modification parts )


" The Ksport coilovers are still going strong after 18 months of hammering on the Drift Circuit, thanks Paul " - ( Dave - coilover purchase )


" I had to wait for it, but the price was well worth it, thanks STT ( Rick - Exedy clutch purchase )


" Your prices and service are great. I will keep coming back " - ( Andrew - various performance parts )


" Hey guys, just thought I'd say that I purchased a set of the Ksport Slide Control Drift Damper System coilovers through Paul at Street to Track, and am very satisfied with the service and product, they are GREAT. If your looking for awesome coilovers for an awesome price, these are the way to go! Cheers " ( Ben )


" Quick service from Paul. Recommend him to anyone wanting the best deal " - (Nick - Turbosmart e boost )


"Hi Paul, everything was received yesterday. Thanks for the fantastic service, I can assure you I will be in touch for future purchases." -  ( Emlyn - DBA rotors )



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