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We only deal with Genuine Brand products that are Brand New with Warranty.

We do not deal with second hand or refurbished products.


If you believe you do have a legitimate warranty claim, please contact Street to Track in the first instance, so the procedure of claim can be explained.






In the 10 years this business has been operating, we have received and processed only two (2) warranty claims from customers, and we have sold thousands of products during that time, which shows the quality of the products that we source for customers both from here in Australia and overseas.

The first warranty claim was submitted to Street to Track and processed and completed to the customers satisfaction in a matter of days even though the product was delivered direct to the customer from Weds in the USA. Street to track had to have the claim processed by Weds.

The customer ordered a full set of 4 brand new, top brand wheels, but one of the wheels did not fit his car. It was found that the stud pattern was slightly out.  The customer submitted the claim to STT who contacted Weds immediately. The claim was accepted and a replacement wheel was shipped direct to the customer. The customer was not required to ship the faulty wheel back to the Manufacturer for inspection on this occasion, and he is using the faulty wheel as a base for a coffee table. 

 The second (2) claim was for a BC Racing coilover strut that was faulty, Street to track was required to refer the claim to the Australian Importer, because it was originally sourced within Australia.  This claim was accepted and completed satisfactorily. If the product had been sourced overseas, like KW for example, it would have needed to go back to KW for inspection and acceptance. It is standard procedure that all Manufacturers accept the products back for inspection at the customers cost.



IMPORTANT: please read the FAQ and Price-Payment-Delivery pages of this website before enquiring and ordering.